The Inspiration Programme broadens the horizons, thinking and experience of young people

The Inspiration Programme is designed to broaden the horizons, thinking and experience of young people, to make them aware of how our society works and help them understand what their place in it is and can be. The one-year Inspiration Programme provides direct experiences and real interactions with motivational individuals and organisations.

It is being delivered in schools and colleges across Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties with students in year groups, from year 9 to year 13.

Every young person not just the privileged, deserves enrichment opportunities outside the classroom. The Inspiration Programme is an exceptional body which gives young people the opportunity to learn more about themselves and society at large. It inspires their development as confident, interested young people ready to face the opportunities and challenges of adult life. I commend it most warmly

Sir Anthony Seldon, Author and Historian

Addressing the knowledge and skills gap in careers education

For students and soon-to-be graduates, entering the world of work can be a daunting prospect. While many schools do offer work placements during a student’s school journey, these are often short-term experiences that don’t allow students to gain deep insight into a working environment. Career advice is typically aimed at getting students through the door rather than equipping them with the practical skills and knowledge for what happens next in the workplace.

The Inspiration Programme provides students with practical experiences not only in corporate environments but in charities, cultural institutions and local government. It helps students develop a broader skill set, empowering them to become more well-rounded with better communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills so they can thrive in their future professions and beyond. All of this can help individuals to become more confident as they seek to open more potential career paths.

For schools this is a programme which helps fill gaps in their delivery of careers education and enrichment activities which meet Ofsted’s Inspection Framework and aligned to the Gatsby Benchmarks.

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The inspiration programme by action for youth

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Action4Youth Inspiration Programme

The Inspiration Programme

This programme fills gaps in existing provision by creating opportunities for young people, providing unique and unprecedented access to five important elements of our society:

  • Business
  • Police and Criminal Justice
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Arts & Culture
  • Community & Environment 

A crucial aspect of the programme is that it engages students in real experiences. Around half of the 30 sessions take place outside of the classroom with a range of experienced and valued partners.

Each 6-week pillar starts with an inspirational session. An external guest challenges any preconceptions and encourages students to embrace new ways of thinking. The final session of each pillar supports students to reflect on the enriching experiences of the previous weeks, and to consider the range of associated career opportunities.

The programme supports young people to have greater belief in their own abilities by becoming more skilled problem-solvers, better team-workers and stronger communicators. As a result young people will be more self-motivated and better prepared to transition from education into employment, benefitting both themselves and their potential employers.

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Meet The Inspiration Programme Team

emily davis programmes manager

Emily Davis

Programmes Manager

tracy palmer inspiration programme manager

Tracy Palmer

The Inspiration Programme Manager

jane welch

Jane Welch

Business Development Manager

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