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NEW for 2023 - Grow Your Ambition Programme

Action4Youth is excited to announce that we will now be delivering the NCS Grow Your Ambition programme, new for 2023! Grow Your Ambition incorporates some of the key aspects of the NCS programme, but is run alongside schools and colleges, offering an alternative to the usual day of school!

What Does the Grow Your Ambition Programme Involve?

16-17 year old pupils across Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes will have the chance to, during term-time, discover three new experiences developing key life skills:

  • Grow Your Life Skills
  • Grow Your Employability
  • Grow Your Community

Each young person will have the chance to get involved in all three areas, totalling 48 hours.

From outdoor activities to life skill sessions in school delivered by our team of experts this is a programme not to be missed!

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What is the Grow Your Ambition Programme all about?

Grow Your Life Skills

Grow Your Employability

Grow Your Community

Meet the Grow Your Ambition Leader

Delivering the National Citizen Service in Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Slough

rebecca fillingham

Rachel Brushfield

Grow Your Ambition Programme Leader

jasmine smith NCS project leader

Jasmine Smith

Programmes  Leader

georgie-daniels-ncs co-ordinator

Georgie Daniels

Programmes Co-ordinator

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