Action4Youth Youth Board

Giving young people a voice

Our Youth Board brings together young people from all backgrounds. Most will be graduates of our programmes but membership is open to any dynamic young person.

The group meets regularly, generally in person but also online, to address the issues which concern or interest them most, currently the environment and volunteering are on their list and they also spend time advising A4Y on its future plans, programmes and communications.

Running meetings is one of the skills acquired through membership. Chairing meetings is taken in turn as is agenda setting and minute keeping.

There is of course, always time for some fun away from the serious business and Board members recently enjoyed a day’s watersports together at Caldecotte Xperience.

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Want to gain experience working with young people?

Would you like to help facilitate sessions on an NCS away-from-home experience? We have numerous NCS Autumn Vacancies – We need you!