The Action4Youth Caldecotte Xperience offers some of the best disability provision in the region – and the widest range of accessible activities on both land and water.

Working with your group to provide activities for young people with additional needs

We work alongside you to ensure your visit is memorable and tailored for the individual needs within the group and the educational outcomes required

All our staff have additional specialist training as well as being highly experienced in delivering sessions for individuals and groups with all kinds of support requirements so all of our activities can be enjoyed by everyone.

We provide individual sessions, whole day sessions and residential stays and as well as pure fun activities and taster sessions we run developmental programmes leading to NGB qualifications, PE GCSE courses and BTEC qualifications.

Activities for disabled young people with additional needs

Disability activities at Caldecotte Xperience provide some of the best accessible outdoor learning in Buckinghamshire. Activity and learning should be fun for all involved, and with good planning, there can other additional benefits and quantifiable outcomes too. The level to which these outcomes are achieved depends on whether individual or group goals are recreational, educational, social, rehabilitative or all of them!

Disability activities with positive and enjoyable outcomes

Special needs activities designed for the benefit of a whole group as well as structured for the individual requirements within a group; are our priorities for delivering the best possible outcomes. Before and during a visit, we work closely with you to understand, plan and deliver the most engaging experiences. Our team of experienced staff devise sessions customised to develop the skills of young people.

Sessions can simply consist of individual accessible experiences like our Wheelyboat for young people with high dependency needs. Groups and individuals wanting to experience a disability provision of land and water activities benefit from longer programmes. We offer structured sessions to promote enjoyment and outdoor learning through whole day sessions and residential stays consisting of a programme of disability activities. Positive and enjoyable outcomes can also be linked to and contribute towards BTEC and NGB qualifications as well as PE GCSE courses providing educational achievement outcomes.

Activities for disabled young people is no longer an after thought. At Caldecotte Xperience we pride ourselves on full inclusion, giving the widest range of accessible activities for the benefit of individuals and groups. Let’s get planning together now – call us on 0300 003 0998.

the caldecotte xperience outdoor education centre

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Outdoor Activities & Outdoor Education at Caldecotte Xperience

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A specially adapted power boat for young wheelchair users and those with high dependency needs.


An RYA training centre offering taster sessions through advanced certificated courses.


Lean back, breathe, step over the edge and take the quickest and most exhilarating way down from the top of our climbing tower.


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