Action4Youth provide opportunities for young people of ALL abilities


Opportunities for young people with special needs and disabilities

At Action4Youth our aim is to offer our full range of programmes and opportunities to all young people. That means we adapt our work to meet the needs of the children and young people on every activity.

At The Caldecotte Xperience we have a wide range of adapted and specialist equipment so that young people with disabilities can enjoy, and in many cases, gain qualifications in many sports. The freedom and adventure are very precious and very important to young people whose disabilities often limit their involvement in sport and outdoor education.

The Inspiration Programme and National Citizen Service include young people of all abilities. We work directly with special schools to ensure that all sessions and activities are adapted as necessary to ensure full participation and achievement. These programmes encompass a wide range of learning, sporting and social opportunities where participants can learn new skills, build friendships, learn to work in teams, develop their confidence, try new sports and all while having a fun, enjoyable experience in a safe space. Future prospects expand as a result of these programmes and lives are changed for the better.

Action4Youth’s Outstanding Facilities provide Opportunities for ALL

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Activities and programmes for young people with additional needs


Testimonial from Pebble Brook School

Pebble Brook School has been benefitting over the past few years from the activities and programmes offered by Action4Youth. We first became involved with the National Citizen Service in its first year of launching – at that time it was a reasonably small programme with its achievement ceremony held in small venues – over the recent years it has grown to fill the auditorium of the local Aylesbury Waterside Theatre.

Our young people have learning difficulties, often being reluctant to come out of their comfort zones, and it was through discussion with Action4Youth that they came up with a bespoke programme tailored to our students and their needs and during the school term so that it has become a valued part of our Year 12 curriculum – it now fulfils our team-building objectives amongst its other advantages.

Following the success of the bespoke National Citizen Service programme we trialled The Inspiration Programme as part of our Year 13 curriculum, taking this over one morning a week for nine months of the school year.

The Inspiration Programme – Pebble Brook School Case Study

Activities and programmes for young people with additional needs


NCS Special - Pebble Brook School

For the first week of the NCS Programme the students take part in the physical activity sessions that are run at the Caldecotte Xperience. Here the staff are very friendly, accommodating and are excellent at meeting our students’ needs, challenging them to push themselves beyond what they think they are capable of.

The students get so much out of this week as, for most, it pushes them out of their comfort zone and challenges their self awareness. We have several students who, at the start of the week, perhaps refuse to do any of the activities but by the end of the week are abseiling down the tower like a scene from Mission Impossible. Activities included abseiling, sailing, driving a speed boat, canoeing, darts, caving, rock climbing, crate stacking and bush craft. There are various team building activities and other activities included working with different groups of students through some excellent music and first aid workshops. This showed our students that you can relax and have fun in a large group and not be embarrassed by taking part in fun activities that may at first be alien.

National Citizen Service – Pebble Brook School Case Study

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how happy we were with Bex and the team who were with us 2 weeks ago. The whole week ran incredibly smoothly and all the students were really engaged; all activities were pitched at the right level. The staff were very professional, flexible and friendly and quickly fitted into our team. There was great communication between your guys and myself as the week went on and plans were changed/ adapted as needed. All our staff were sad to see the guys leave on the Friday after such a rewarding and valuable week. Please pass on our thanks to all involved, we look forward to working with you next year!

James Allen – Sixth Form and Work Related Learning Lead,Stony Dean School

Activities and programmes for young people with additional needs


Specialist Outdoor Education

Our Caldecotte Xperience outdoor activity centre offers some of the best disability provision in the region.

Located on the edge of Milton Keynes, The Caldecotte Xperience has the widest range of accessible activities on both land and water. We have specialist equipment to make everyone’s visit as enjoyable as possible. From adapted craft to hoists we have everything necessary to help those with additional needs take part in almost all of the activities on offer so they can have great fun, learn new skills and be safe.

Our aim is to enable young people of all abilities and backgrounds to have experiences and opportunities that grow their confidence and self esteem and inspire them to achieve. Helping remove isolation, improve social and mental well being and better preparing them for life and work.

the caldecotte xperience outdoor education centre

Activities and programmes for young people with additional needs


DofE for young people with additional needs

Action4Youth has become one of the leading Approved licence holders within the UK, for young people will additional needs.

It’s our aim to allow all participants to access the expedition section for Bronze, Silver and Gold. Our highly trained staff can deal with complex physical and severe learning disabilities. Through our expeditions, we pride ourselves on giving the individual the support, time and extra care needed to complete the expedition section. We understand the importance of success with the everyday tasks but understand that an individual with additional needs can often achieve more than they and others think possible.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Pebble Brook School Case Study

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – SEND School Case Study

Have a few questions and want quick answers?

Action4Youth offers a variety of programs tailored for young people with additional needs, including the National Citizen Service and The Inspiration Programme. These programs are adapted to ensure full participation and achievement for all students, providing activities like sports outdoor education, and various team-building exercises.
At The Caldecotte Xperience, Action4Youth equips its facilities with adapted and specialist equipment allowing young people with disabilities to participate fully in sports and outdoor activities. This includes everything from adapted craft for water sports to hoists for physical support.
Yes, Action4Youth is an approved license holder for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for young people with additional needs accommodating those with complex physical and severe learning disabilities. The program provides specialised support to enable these participants to complete the expedition section of the award.
The long-term goal is to remove isolation, improve social and mental wellbeing and prepare them for life and work. By providing these enriched experiences, the programmes aim to inspire young people to achieve more than they and others might think possible, broadening their future prospects.
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