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The Inspirations Programme run by Action4Youth offers various activities and talks from people in the community, whilst learning about their jobs and other roles in the field. The students participated in a range of workshops and activities, which focused on citizenship and employment skills. These could be anything from having a speaker who was employed by Aylesbury Crown Court to somebody who worked for the police. The emphasis was on the students being able to work with one another and contribute to discussions but also learn about values relating to being a responsible citizen in the community.

The sessions were well organised and full of variety. The facilitator was always very efficient and communicated with staff at all times to inform them as to what was happening. The students enjoyed the workshops and really benefited from them. A number of students said they had learnt more about the community around them and it had helped improve their confidence when speaking to unfamiliar people.

Highlights included the role plays that students took part in based around crime and the law preventing this. Students were able to improvise these very well and received some very positive feedback from the speakers. One of the visitors from Aylesbury Crown Court praised the students for their confidence and originality. Another highlight was visiting a working farm and students being able to learn about how a farm functions as well as being taught about local produce and where it comes from.

The group also visited RAF High Wycombe where they had the opportunity to learn about different roles that exist, had the opportunity to visit locations around the site and take part in team building exercises run by one of officers. The students visited the Great Moor Energy Plant, where they learnt about various jobs and what happens to the waste once it is collected. This visit did not only enhance their knowledge about possible jobs in this sector it also enhanced their knowledge about the processes their waste goes through.

Classroom based activities included interview skills when students had the chance to prepare a presentation and take part in an interview for a possible job they would want to do in the future. They wrote CVs and delivered a presentation about themselves to their peers. The students greatly benefited from this experience as it allowed them to see the process they need to follow when trying to apply for a job. The two interviewers had no previous dealings with the students, which made the interview seem real for them. This is what our students needed and need more of. It has been very beneficial for them. They undertook an art and community project allowing students to see jobs in the art sector and learning about facilities in their own community. The artists were very inspirational and the students learnt a great deal about jobs and local facilities.

Without the Inspirations Programme our learners would not have had the chance to see first-hand the jobs that are out in the community. Having representatives from different sectors has helped engage and inspire the learners. The programme has allowed students to see their own skills and qualities and match them to jobs. The programmes I feel has been a success and learners have gained so much from it. The different aspects of the programme are what have made it successful.

Interview with students from Pebble Brook School

The Inspiration Programme provides young people with new career choices

Those were some of the best role plays we’ve seen in a long time’

All the visits were worthwhile and this is what the students particularly enjoyed. Not many of our students experience these extra-curricular activities and they really do benefit from them. The Inspirations programme is a valuable activity that increases knowledge of the outside world and helps to improve self-awareness and confidence

Aylesbury Crown Court Visitor

Pebble Brook School Gallery

I learnt a lot of things visiting RAF, I learnt about the history and about all the different jobs

Pebble Brook School Student

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