The Inspiration Programme unlocks new career ideas based on personal interests

It could be argued that a vital stepping-stone is missing to aid young people in moving from full-time education into the world of work. If we don’t take steps to tackle this issue now, the problem will only intensify, with key skills and talents missing from our economy, and young people not realising the extent of their potential. Whilst many children boast a range of exciting ideas about ‘what they want to be when they grow up’, these visions tend to get blurred in adolescence as the reality of their future creeps closer.

The Inspiration programme helps schools ensure that all school leavers are equipped with a rounded idea of the opportunities available them, the confidence to pursue these prospects, and the skills to ultimately be successful in the workplace.

Through exploring personal interests and potential options for future careers, we find many of students unlock new areas which really inspire them. Last year, one student developed a keen interest in public services following an out-of-classroom session. By encouraging this interest, we were able to support them to gain the confidence to apply to for inspiring public services opportunities within their local ccommunity. This was a path they had never considered before, let alone acted upon.

This is not an isolated story. So many young people have been inspired by something as simple as a talk with a professional in a particular field. We find this is often the case with those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, who might never have had the opportunity to consider such a field.

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The Inspiration Programme helps Jasmine take new skills into a career in Public Services.

Mark was an unmotivated Year 12 student, regularly missing classes and becoming a habitual truant until he was introduced to The Inspiration Programme by his school. The changes in his communication skills, relationship with other students, engagement levels in class sessions and on trips to employment partners were clear to see. The value he attributed to these changes, is summarised when the school suggested to Mark that he can only continue with the Programme if he started to attend his other lessons.

Mark, The Inspiration Programme participant 

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