Introducing our adapted powerboat for young people with additional needs

A specially adapted power boat for young wheelchair users and those with high dependency needs.

Our specially adapted powerboat further increases accessibility and participation

We have now launched the region’s first specially adapted power boat at our Caldecotte Xperience outdoor learning centre, offering young wheelchair users and those with high dependency needs the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of watersports without the need to leave their chairs.

Accessibility and participation means everything to young people in wheelchairs and giving them the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of water activities is now a reality. Young people with even the most high dependency needs can now get improved fulfilment of water sport experiences with our fantastic Wheelyboat.

Named by a local school, “The Wheel of Opportunity” offers flexible seating, level deck and a watertight bow door that lowers to form a solid ramp for safe wheelchair-friendly access, allowing young people with mobility impairments to participate fully in waterborne activities.

Congratulations to Great Linford Primary School, our naming competition winners with their entry ‘The Wheel of Opportunity.’

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