Tough, challenging, exhilarating and fulfilling. Using a number of different elements, which extend to 12m in height, participants can really challenge their pre-conceptions of what is possible.

High Ropes for young people of all abilities

High Ropes at Caldecotte Xperience are designed for whole class involvement, whether climbing or controlling safety ropes. It is educational, fun and exciting – building teamwork, trust, and individual self-confidence, and for the ultimate test – try the leap of faith……

The different elements of the high ropes

Postman’s walk

The postman’s walk is a challenging element at three levels of height; Balance and walk across a raised beam 4m from the floor. Then climb to a wire at 8m; this is crossed using a rope for the hands to balance on. Continue to the top wire, which is crossed using multi vine ropes hanging down for the hands. This activity is great for solo confidence building.

Crate stack

Ever tried to balance on a stack of milk crates, if not well now’s your chance. Whilst attached to safety ropes, two to four participants will try to build and balance on top of the crates, whilst supported by the rest of the team. Build and balance as high as you can until gravity takes effect and the stack topples over! A great team building activity, where you all have to work together to achieve a goal.

Leap of faith

How far can you jump? Climb a telegraph pole to a small platform at a height of 10m. Climb onto the platform, steady yourself and get ready to jump for a trapeze bar positioned on a hanging chain. This element challenges all who try but leaves everyone with a real sense of achievement. A great solo challenge which can be extended for the really gymnastic participant.

Jacob’s ladder

This is a great team activity. Our Jacob’s ladder is situated on the East of the high ropes course and is a swinging ladder of small horizontal telegraph poles attached to thick wire ropes. Up to four climbers climb together and try to reach the top helping each other on the way. It gets more challenging the higher you go.

High all aboard

How many climbers can fit on a 50cm² platform? Well up to four if you try the all aboard element? The platform is reached by climbing a 10m high telegraph pole; this is achieved by working together as a team. An element that is great for building and developing teamwork and confidence. Climbing up the metal pegs on the telegraph pole is a challenge. Perhaps you can climb without the pegs, like a koala hugging a tree! Great fun to hang around afterwards.

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