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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about The Inspiration Programme.

The Inspiration Programme aims to make young people more aware of how society works and understand their future role within it. It takes place for 30 weeks throughout the academic year. Experiences are centred around 5 themes each lasting 6 weeks – arts/culture; community/environment, health and wellbeing; police and criminal justice; & work-life. The Inspiration Programme has been developed by Action4Youth and can be tailored to groups aged 13 to 18.

Young people leave the programme better equipped for working life with a greater understanding of their role in society. They are more aware of the range of available career opportunities across different sectors. They have greater confidence in their own abilities – particularly their team-work, communication and problem-solving.

The programme has received much acclaim including from Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor, University of Buckingham… ‘Every young person not just the privileged, deserves enrichment opportunities outside the classroom. The Inspiration Programme is an exceptional body which gives young people the opportunity to learn more about themselves and society at large. It inspires their development as confident, interested young people ready to face the opportunities and challenges of adult life. I commend it most warmly’.

Action4Youth deliver the programme supported by a number of valued partners whose experience and insight provide enriching, often unique experiences. Our partners include Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, HM Prison Service, the Royal Air Force, Thames Valley Police, Waddesdon Manor, local charities and individual volunteers representing the business community. A skilled Action4Youth facilitator leads many sessions, encouraging reflection and learning throughout.

Sessions take place both inside and outside the school for groups of between 20-30 young people. The Programme is currently available across Bucks and into neighbouring counties. School based sessions typically involve an external guest – whether that’s Bucks MIND, a retired judge or a Detective Inspector. Around 10 of the 30 sessions involve a visit to engage in a real-life situation – including a fire and rescue training ground, inside a prison or experiencing unique collections at Waddesdon Manor. All sessions enhance problem-solving, team-work and communication – skills that are universally important in life beyond education.

Different schools have different drivers for engaging with the Inspiration Programme. For some it is a great way of delivering against the Gatsby Career Benchmarks – raising young people’s aspirations and enabling them to capitalise on the opportunities available to them. Other schools have used it as a proactive intervention for pupils who have been identified as being at risk of becoming NEET.

Explore our website a bit further. Have a look at the course outline in more detail. Most importantly give us a call and have a chat. We’d love to talk to you.

The Inspiration Programme gives students direct access to employers and real life situations

The Inspiration Programme is a one-year course delivered in schools and colleges across Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties, designed to equip students from years 9-13, with the relevant skills needed to become work-ready.

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