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Charity helping schools to enrich curriculum amid budget cuts

Action4Youth works with 25,000 young people every year to develop and challenge young people, to build their skills, knowledge and confidence and inspire them to be the best they can be. For over 70 years the charity, based in Milton Keynes and Aylesbury, has been supporting and providing opportunities for all young people, whatever their background or ability. One strand of their work is educational, from adventure and outdoor learning to hard hitting courses designed to reduce knife and gang crime.

In response to demand, the charity has also created an educational course called The Inspiration Programme. Developed by educators, entrepreneurs and business people from multiple sectors, the course enables schools to meet the required Gatsby Benchmarks in providing career guidance.  

Schools in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes who have already had the opportunity to engage with the one-year Programme are enthusiastic. Suzy Pykett, the current Vice Principal of Aylesbury Vale Academy explained: “From a teacher’s perspective it gives us a massive advantage in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks. We get to upskill ourselves as well as our pupils.”

For headteachers such as Simon Jones of The Cottesloe School in Milton Keynes, the Programme delivers where schools struggle: “What the Inspiration Programme does is it brings a variety of people into school who are experts in their field, and that provides a real richness to the curriculum which we simply cannot produce.”

Head teachers of 571 schools in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire have been sent details of The Inspiration Programme in the biggest campaign by the charity to reach the largest possible number of pupils, and support their future development. 

Jenifer Cameron, CEO of Action4Youth said: “We know from talking to young people and to headteachers just how important high-quality informative life experiences can be. The Inspiration Programme provides unique and unprecedented access to working life, arts and culture, police and criminal justice, community and environment as well as personal health and wellbeing. It is an eye-opener and an inspiring opportunity for young people, enabling schools to continue supporting their students’ future in these tough economic times.”

For some schools the programme could be delivered totally free, relieving budget constraints and staff hours. In some areas businesses, keen to support young people in their areas, are looking to sponsor the sessions for schools in their area. Action4Youth has already facilitated several such partnerships. Nicholas Mann, Chair of MK Business Leaders said for companies such an outlay made sound sense. “Investing now in young people and young talent will pay the dividends that businesses require in the future.”

The programme can be delivered by school staff trained by Action4Youth with all teaching materials provided, or the charity can deliver the entire programme. 

For more details of The Inspiration Programme visit

Jenifer Cameron, CEO of Action4Youth can be available for interview about the programme, as can Emily Davis, the charity’s Programme Director. For more information or to arrange interviews please contact Deena Ingham [email protected] or call her on 07473880788  

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Become a charity partner to benefit young people in our community

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You can change lives

A partnership with Action4youth means you, your company and employees, will all be actively supporting the leading youth charity. We currently interact with around 25,000 young people and with your support we will be able to offer our services to more young people and develop the new services our young people need.

An Action4Youth corporate partnership means you are investing in young people, your community and the future.

A message from Graeme Shankland, Trustee at Action4Youth

A charity partnership with Action4Youth makes a significant difference to the charity, enabling us to offer more young people, of all abilities and from different backgrounds, the opportunity to take part in our programmes and learn the valuable skills that increase their resilience, broaden their horizons and help prepare them for life and work.

Jenifer Cameron, CEO Action4Youth


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