Fencing for Young People | Learn to Fence at Caldecotte Xperience

High action, competitive sport, which promotes attention and concentration. We provide fencing sessions where groups of 10 learn the etiquette of fencing, and how to compete safely.

Fencing for young people of all abilities

Fencing is loads of fun and learning this new skill delivers a great sense of achievement particularly for showing-off a new found ability. Young people of all ages can try this exciting sport in a safe environment under the tuition of our highly trained instructors. We lay a solid foundation for each new fencer where we not only train the essential skills, but also exposed them to the fundamentals of tactics.

With competition electrical equipment (on request) we can give the Olympic feel to the activity. Everyone enjoys the competitive side of fencing and this can be done by anyone even with mobility issues.

Fencing offers young people phyically and mentally rewarding new skills

If you’re interested in learning and enjoying a new skill, fencing can be a rewarding, healthy experience both physically and mentally. The sport of fencing is an elegant and prestigious combative sport based on tradition. It’s a challenge both physically and tactically between two opponents.

The sport develops fitness, agility, speed, coordination, balance and timing. It involves the analysis of strategy, tactics and psychological control, as well as mental awareness, coordination, strength, balance, dexterity and aerobic fitness. The art of fencing requires quick responsive movements to counter attacks from an opponent and to place the opponent on the defensive. You’ll soon discover winning tactics regardless of your ability and experience. But most important of all, it is worth remembering that fencing is great sport to have FUN!

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