A one-year course delivered in schools and colleges across Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties

The Inspiration Programme is designed to help schools provide students with enrichment opportunities to better prepare them for the world of work. Taking place throughout the academic year and aligned to the Gatsby Benchmarks, it provides real-world experience and direct links to employers to help students better understand the opportunities available to them.

Delivered by your team, with all content, resources, training and support provided by Action4Youth, The Inspiration Programme is available for 2 classes of up to 30 pupils in years 9 to 13, so up to 60 pupils in total, for an annual cost of £3,500 so less than £1 per head for each of the 30 sessions. This invaluable Programme should be available to all young people and this very low cost makes that possible. Please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page so we can arrange for your pupils to benefit from The Inspiration Programme.

The Programme is suitable for all abilities including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and brings substantial benefits for all. Because its focus is on experiential learning it can be successful for those least engaged with the academic curriculum and has been shown to re-engage the disengaged with their school work by inspiring purpose and aspiration. Academic high fliers have found new ideas and direction for the future while taking part in the Programme and some have gone on to secure further work experience with potential employers.

The Inspiration Programme is also available to your school delivered by Action4Youth’s experienced team, relieving your teachers from responsibility for this area of work. Please contact Tracy Palmer using the form below to discuss your requirements

Available for 2 classes of up to 30 pupils in years 9 to 13, so up to 60 pupils in total, for an annual cost of £3,300  – less than £1 per head for each of the 30 sessions.
the inspiration programme app for schools

Benefits of The Inspiration Programme

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Talk to us about filling the gap in delivery within your school's career experience and enrichment activities

Please contact Tracy Palmer, Inspiration Programme Manager on 0300 003 2334 or email [email protected]
Alternatively, enter your contact details below to register your interest and we’ll contact you.

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