Action4Youth Vision, Mission & Values


Exceptional experiences that make a lifetime of difference.


To support all young people’s growth towards fulfilling and responsible adult lives, A4Y develops physical, mental, spiritual, moral and cultural abilities which act as:

  • A Springboard towards realising dreams
  • A Safety Net for those at risk
  • A Voice of influence- from the young and for the young

In order to benefit as many young people as possible while maintaining A4Y’s financial stability, we partner with those (government, schools, youth clubs, businesses, trusts and foundations and others) who share our mission.


Be exceptional – Use imagination, determination and resilience to achieve exceptional outcomes everyday

Care – Always seek to understand and look after each other

Trail blaze – Be adventurous in exploring how we could serve more and better

Make responsible choices – Use resources wisely so that we can sustain our investment in young people

Do what is right – Hold ourselves and others to the highest standard of behaviour

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Action4Youth News November 2023

Action4Youth is here for all young people, making a real difference to their futures. With a variety of programmes, we’re here as a vital safety net, a springboard toward realising dreams as well as a voice from and for the young. As we head speedily towards the end of 2023, we celebrate another month of jam-packed activity and the strides

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Embracing the Spirit of Giving Tuesday

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday whirl by, we move away from consumerism and into compassion. Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving and encourages individuals and organisations to come together to make a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

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The Significance of Anti-Bullying Week in Protecting Young Minds

Anti-Bullying Week serves to provide information and advice against the pervasive issue of bullying. As a children’s charity, we recognize the profound impact this week can have on the lives of young individuals and the communities they belong to and the importance of encouraging a culture of kindness, empathy, and understanding within schools and in all young people’s social interactions.

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Trustees and Their Vital Role in Charities

Trustees play a crucial role in guiding and overseeing charities. We are very lucky to have a wonderful board of trustees that support our cause in improving the youth agenda for young people.

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Action4Youth News October 2023

It’s All About The Experience In the ever-evolving landscape of education and professional development, the value of experiential learning has taken centre stage. Experiential education, often defined as ‘learning by doing‘, provides people with a powerful and immersive way to gain knowledge, skills and insights. This month we celebrate the experience and share what our young people, team

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Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Celebrating Youth Work Week Youth, with their fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and boundless energy, are essential to shaping the future. Youth Work Week (6th – 12th November 2023) is an annual celebration spurred by The National Youth Agency that highlights the importance of young people and the dedicated professionals who support them. At Action4Youth we

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