Archery Activities for Young People | Learn Archery at Caldecotte Xperience

Shoot for gold on this exciting and different activity. Our safe, dedicated archery range includes a number of different target faces and games ideas with targets positioned up to 10m from the line. 

Archery for young people of all abilities

Archery is a blend of long tradition and modern technology, and a combination of physicality and mental concentration. Archery at Caldecotte Xperience is great activity for improving dexterity, precision and hand to eye co-ordination. For beginners we aim to help develop self confidence, concentration, discipline and as a result increase upper body strength.

Archery is fun & safe for all age groups

Our archery activities cater to individuals, friends, groups and schools. Young people without any archery experience are very welcome as well as those who have been on the range before. If you’ve never picked up a bow or if you’ve had some basic training in the past and need some refreshing, then our highly trained and experienced instructors will help you develop your skills. Sessions will always be fun but will cover the steps of the shooting technique that are the basis of good consistent shooting.

All young people taking part in our archery activities regardless of experience do not need to bring any equipment, because everything will be provided. Simply bring plenty of enthusiasm and get ready for a safe and exciting session with various target faces and great game ideas.

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