Outdoor Learning for Primary Schools at The Caldecotte Xperience

A fun outdoor learning venue for primary schools

The Caldecotte Xperience is a small, friendly and fully inclusive outdoor learning and adventure centre located beside Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes offering primary schools the largest range of land and water-based learning activities in the region.

The centre enables young people to learn to challenge themselves, have fun, work together and discover what they can achieve rather than what they can’t.

Learning outdoors creates enthusiasm, engagement and increased energy in young people and promotes better understanding of both themselves and others – nurturing interpersonal skills and improving academic attainment.

Learning should be fun. We make sure it is.

the caldecotte xperience outdoor education centre

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Outdoor Learning Activities at The Caldecotte Xperience

Schools, teachers and pupils can benefit from some of the best facilities in the region. We offer schools outdoor learning activities to enable young people to have great fun, learn new skills and be safe.

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Lean back, breathe, step over the edge and take the quickest and most exhilarating way down from the top of our climbing tower.


Exhilarating and challenging activity on our 12 metre tower.


Full of fun, challenging and wet paddle sports are a great activity that keep everyone involved.

Paddle Sports

Ask Harry

If you’re a teacher and interested in outdoor learning at The Caldecotte Xperience and would like to know more, you can book a call with Harry Evans, Action4Youth Business Development Manager.

Please select either a 30-minute quick telephone call or a 1-hour video call and schedule your meeting with Harry.  

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The Caldecotte Xperience
George Amey Centre
Milton Keynes

Have a few questions and want quick answers?

“The Caldecotte Xperience is a friendly, inclusive outdoor learning and adventure centre located beside Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes. It offers primary schools a diverse range of land and water-based activities designed to challenge students and enhance their learning experiences. “
Primary schools can participate in a wide variety of activities at The Caldecotte Xperience, including both land and water-based options. These activities are tailored to encourage fun, teamwork and self-discovery among young pupils.
Yes, The Caldecotte Xperience is fully inclusive and designed to cater to all primary school children, regardless of their abilities. The centre ensures that every child can participate and benefit from the activities in a safe and supportive environment.
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