Raft Building for Young People | Learn to Build Rafts at Caldecotte Xperience

Will you get wet or not? Well that all depends on how well the team designs and builds the raft.

Raft Building for young people of all abilities

Using barrels, planks, ropes and poles the team will design build and then race the raft on a set course on our water sports lake. Learn how to tie knots, have fun and stay afloat. This is a great activity for large numbers, fantastic for whole classes, single activity groups, corporate groups and birthday parties.

Why are team building activities beneficial for young people?

Between the age of 7-13 young people start to discover that they have a real curiosity about the world, with an understanding that they have some independence as well. In order to combine curiosity with independence, they need to learn skills and how to work together with others to achieve great things.

Team building measured by satisfaction, achievement and skill learning will help young people learn how to play with each other, help each other, have fun together, and learn skills together. That is why team at Caldecotte Experience we apply great emphasis on our raft building activities to promote a fun, exciting and hugely satisfying team building experience for everyone.

Raft building outcomes

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