Registration for the planning, training for and doing a 2 day (1 night) qualifying Bronze expedition.

What counts for your Bronze Expedition?

For your Expedition section, you will need to plan, train for and complete an unaccompanied, self-reliant expedition with an agreed aim. You must do the correct training for your level and mode of travel, at least one practice expedition, a qualifying expedition (the one that is assessed) and a final presentation in order to complete the section.

Your expedition must be completed by your own physical efforts (but you have loads of choices, not just on foot!) with minimal external intervention and without motorised assistance. Your route should also be a continuous journey.

Action4Youth Bronze Expedition Programme

Each package is a full expedition programme covering both practice and qualifying elements, along with training and a certificated First Aid course (which can also be used for a Silver expedition if done within 24 months).

Participants only need to book one package.

Please note the dates for each element are fixed and are not interchangeable. If you are unable to make all of the dates in one package please look at the next one and book accordingly.

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Action4Youth Bronze Expedition Programme Dates 2019

NB: Please note the BLUE expedition package is now fully booked, but there are currently still places available on all other expedition packages.

Bronze Package Green

Saturday 7th - Sunday 8th September

One day First Aid, one day practice walk & overnight camp

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th September

Qualifying Expedition

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