Problem Solving Activities for Young People | Learn to Problem Solve at Caldecotte Xperience

Groups of up to 10 participants using a number of challenging tasks to help develop teamwork skills, communication and leadership within a team environment. 

Team Dynamics for young people of all abilities

Team Dynamics  tasks at Caldecotte Xperience are supervised, supported and encouraged by experienced, qualified instructional staff. Some tasks require active physical involvement for success others require the group to think and use a common sense approach.

Team Dynamics task examples

Spider’s Web

Teams start the task on one side of a large spider’s web, the team must cross through the web without touching it, as this will awaken the spider. The team must work together to help each other through. Great to learn proper lifting skills and talking in turn and listening to others.


Teams step onto two large skis, one foot on either ski. Using ropes to hold and communicating with each other the team must start to walk a set route. Timing and teamwork is crucial for success.

Duck Rescue

Teams are presented with a tube with many holes in. A plastic duck must be rescued that has fallen into the tube. In order to do this the team must fill the tube with water to raise the duck to the top. The water will leak from the holes in the tube, in order to succeed the team must work together to block the holes using only themselves.

Also available:

Monkey puzzle, Ravine, Electric fence, Stepping stones, Drainpipe, Steeplechase, Bungee, Nightline, Juggernaut, Low ropes Raft building & Jacobs Ladder.

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