Abseiling Activities for Young People | Learn to Abseil at Caldecotte Xperience

Come abseiling in a safe and controlled environment on our Climbing Tower using mountaineering equipment and safety ropes under the supervision and guidance of our highly training instructors. 

Abseiling for young people of all abilities

Abseiling is a great activity for all ages, particularly for young people to experience with friends, in groups or with a school. It’s an experience like no other and there is nothing quite like the surge of adrenalin as you descend our 12 metre Climbing Tower. It will heighten the senses throughout the descent, and afterwards provide a huge sense of achievement.

Abseiling at Caldecotte Xperience

An abseiling session at Caldecotte Xperience is a great way to spend a few hours whilst learning some new skills along the way. By abseiling in a safe and controlled environment under the tuition of our experienced and highly trained instructors, is a great way to face a fear of heights and experience the thrill of an abseiling descent.

The Abseiling technique

At Caldecotte Xperience we promote the mountaineer’s technique for descending from a mountain. Guided by an instructor you will be tied in securely via two ropes; your abseil line, which you will control and also a safety line, which is controlled by an instructor. Then you lean back, breathe, step over the edge and take the quickest and most exhilarating way down from the top of our climbing tower.

Highly regarded as a challenging activity, using mountaineering equipment and safety ropes – abseiling at Caldecotte Xperience is a must do for thrill seekers as well as those looking to conquer their fears. If you’re looking to boost confidence, abseiling will deliver this is spades and create a real sense of achievement and trust in your own ability and that of others.

Abseiling can also be done as part of a high ropes activity session and in our climbing club and is a unit in CWA training and assessment.

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