Zorbing for Young People | Learn to Zorb at Caldecotte Xperience

Amazing fun inside an inflated ball on our purpose designed shallow zorbing pool. Have a great time floating around or running on the surface of the water.

Zorbing for young people of all abilities

Zorbing puts fun into fitness. Zorbing is exhilarating, providing great fitness and fun for children and adults or as we like to call them: “Zorbstars”.

Water zorbing at Caldecotte Xperience is the hit sensation for children and young people of all ages, and the most fun that you can have on the water.

Our zorbs are huge floating balls that allow you to enjoy the amazing and unique experience of walking, spinning, flipping, rolling and any other gymnastics that you think you can perform all in complete safety. Considering you’re inside the zorb and literally walking on water, you’ll be accomplishing great levels of fitness, and in just a few attempts you’ll be a Master Zorbstar.

Get ready to challenge your friends as you compete in separate zorbs on our purpose designed shallow pool.

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