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Xtreme Challenge

Action4Youth News – May 2024

This month we’re putting a spotlight on the incredible individuals who help us make a difference in the lives of young people, “Celebrating People”. So, ...
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Action4Youth News – January 2024

Kicking Off 2024 with a bang (well, more like a klaxon!) We’ve started the year on a high note with fantastic energy and enthusiasm at ...
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young-person-considering-change. The hops and fears of young people in 2024

The Hopes and Fears of Young People in 2024 

At Action4Youth we work with thousands of young people every year. In 2023 we worked with over 25,000 young people. From all our sessions and ...
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Action4Youth News October 2023

It’s All About The Experience In the ever-evolving landscape of education and professional development, the value of experiential learning has taken centre stage. Experiential education, often ...
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Action4Youth News July 2023

This month is all about 'thumbs up for a good cause'. It’s always busy at A4Y but over the summer months we’re bursting at the ...
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Action4Youth News June 2023

This month we focus on ‘spreading wings’ with the exciting return of the NCS (National Citizen Service) programme coming up this summer. Action4Youth is based ...
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Action4Youth October 2021 newsletter

Action4Youth October Newsletter 21

A Message from Jenifer Cameron Last week I was part of a really interesting conversation which is part of some research work being undertaken by ...
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ncs programme

Action4Youth March Newsletter 21

Schools have gone back and we are now inching our way forward, with fingers crossed, to the easing of further restrictions. We know of the ...
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gatsby benchmarks

How can schools model the Gatsby Benchmarks and transform their pupils’ futures?

By the end of this year, schools will be required, by law, to meet the eight Gatsby Benchmarks, which include workplace experience and links to ...
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connecting the dots from education to employment

Connecting the dots from education to employment for NEETs

Despite a varied national curriculum and efforts to incorporate work placements into formal education, every year hundreds of thousands of young people leave education only ...
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addressing the gap in careers education

Addressing the Knowledge and Skills Gap in Careers Education

For students and soon-to-be graduates, entering the world of work can be a daunting prospect. While many schools do offer work placements during a student’s ...
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young people and local government

The Inspiration Programme takes a look inside Local Government

Young people from The Buckingham School will get a taste of the seats of power when they take part in a mock council meeting set up ...
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The Inspiration Programme gives students direct access to employers and real life situations

The Inspiration Programme is a one-year course delivered in schools and colleges across Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties, designed to equip students from years 10-13, with the relevant skills needed to become work-ready.

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