An enrichment programme designed to inspire students and transform lives

Our education system is very good at providing young people with the wide variety of knowledge and skills that comes with a well-rounded curriculum.

Helping students gain real, practical experience in workplaces and linking it to the curriculum can be a huge challenge for schools.

The Inspiration Programme helps schools and students….

The Inspiration Programme enables schools to help their students understand how to transfer these skills effectively into real life situations and pick up the other necessary skills needed to excel in their future careers.

Transforming the lives of students through enrichment activities within The Inspiration Programme is encouraging them to widen their horizons and aspirations.

Below are real reasons to introduce the Programme to your students to fill the gap in delivery within your school’s career education and enrichment activities.

Hands-on Career Education

Introducing The Inspiration Programme into the schools enrichment provision, provides them with assistance in unpacking a wide range of career opportunities, invaluable for their students. With broadened student aspirations, they are encouraged and more receptive to consider further education and employment opportunities.

Broadening Aspirations

The Inspiration Programme allows students to immerse themselves in different environments, gain first-hand experience and use this opportunity to gauge their interests, strengths and weaknesses. By taking this approach, they may find something which truly suits and engages them, including a sector or subject matter that they may have otherwise not considered, or previously discounted.

Leveraging Personal Interests

The Inspiration programme helps schools ensure that all school leavers are equipped with a rounded idea of the opportunities available them, the confidence to pursue these prospects, and the skills to ultimately be successful in the workplace. By exploring personal interests and potential options for future careers, we find many of students unlock new areas which really inspire them.

Getting Students Out of Comfort Zones

Sometimes we all need a push to achieve something, and with careers support this can make a huge difference to future happiness. With sessions delivered in an unfamiliar environment and students given the space to engage, The Inspiration Programme gently pushes students’ boundaries. Even with the most challenging students including preNEETs and additional needs, there is a total commitment to each course in the programme.

Careers Education Beyond The Classroom

The Inspiration Programme inspires students in dynamic environments outside the classroom. A good careers programme should not be limited to the walls of a classroom; it needs to be more dynamic and take leaning to new places as much as possible to truly inspire even the most challenging students.

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