Faces of Action4Youth – Meet Sarah, Training Officer and Membership Co-OrdinatorFaces of Action4YouthFaces of Action4Youth – Meet Sarah, Training Officer and Membership Co-Ordinator

We love to learn about our team, here at A4Y and share with you what they do and how they support our wonderful charity to help young people. We asked Sarah some key questions. Check out her answers below and learn a little more about her role in training and membership.

Sarah training office and membership co ordinator

What is your role?

“I deliver our internal training sessions. The part of my job I really love being involved in is the delivery of The Breakout Programme and Street First Aid sessions.”

What is breakout?

“A 12-week intervention programme delivered in schools focusing on anti-knife and anti-gang crime designed to bring positive change to the lives of young people. The first aid sessions are designed to give young people the tools to give real-life help in emergency situations. We show them how to use clothing to stem bleeding, the importance of not removing embedded objects and how to get someone in the recovery position. We share the importance of calling for help even if they feel they would get in trouble.”

Who is Breakout aimed at?

“Schools identify young people between 12-19 displaying early indicators of being susceptible to crime.”

What will young people get out of The Breakout Programme?

“The focus is on supporting young people to make choices and recognising the impact of negative behaviour outside of school. They hear from a variety of people across the sessions.”

What would you say is the most significant risk for teenagers (young people) now?

“Young people are bombarded with content through social media, and often, they are caught up in the perceived ‘glamour’ that may sway them on what is right and wrong. Knives/weapons are seen as a protective factor; 80% of the time, if someone carries their weapon, it will be used on them.”

How do we keep up with the challenges facing young people?

“Through the mentoring across the programme, mentors use the Outcome Star, and this opens up conversations so we hear directly the challenges individuals face; they’ll talk to the mentors about issues they wouldn’t raise with teachers, parents or sometimes even friends.”

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