The Inspiration Programme Takes Off

Following a successful pilot year, The Inspiration Programme has received backing from Buckinghamshire County Council and will run in six schools across the region in 2018/19, in addition to Aylesbury College and Milton Keynes Academy who were the first to pilot the course.

The accredited one year programme is designed to broaden the horizons, thinking and experience of young people, to make them aware of how communities work, and help them to understand their place in society now and into the future.

A crucial aspect of Action4Youth’s programme is that it engages students in real experiences with an emphasis on getting them out of the classroom and into real-life situations.

The outcomes will help young people to be better prepared for employment and able to transition more effectively from education into working life, benefitting both themselves and their future employers.

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor at the University of Buckingham says: “Every young person, not just the privileged, deserves enrichment opportunities outside the classroom. The Inspiration Programme is an exceptional body which gives young people the opportunity to learn more about themselves and society at large. It inspires their development as confident, interested young people ready to face the opportunities and challenges of adult life. I commend it most warmly.”

Sarah Callaghan, Director of Education at Buckinghamshire County Council explains: “We have been very impressed with the course outline and the outcomes of the pilot of Action4Youth’s The Inspiration Programme. Buckinghamshire County Council is pleased to be able to roll out the programme in six of its schools and to be part of this innovative initiative, which supports students on their journey from education to employment.”

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