NCS Programme will be delivered in Milton Keynes, Slough and Buckinghamshire

Action4Youth has been delivering the National Citizen Service programme to 15-17 year olds in Bucks since its inception. Each year more and more young people have benefitted from this experience which for many is transformational in their personal development. Friendships are formed, confidence developed, skills gained and opportunities to engage with charities and different sections of the community embraced. We’ve worked hard to make it possible for young people of all abilities and disabilities to take part.

The good news is that from this summer we will be delivering the programme in Milton Keynes and Slough as well as Bucks so many more young people will benefit from the A4Y experience. We’re especially pleased to be delivering in Milton Keynes where so many young people already know us from their experience at our Caldecotte Xperience outdoor education centre.

Roll on summer.

For more information about NCS click here

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