Monday 2nd May – MK Marathon

Paul Kitchen – A4Y Ambassador

What a great day for a Marathon! (Oh and a half marathon and a superhero fun run..)

Milton Keynes has been “running” its own marathon since 2012, and is ranked in the top 10 UK marathons, because its fast, flat and phenomenal (They said that!) and I can remember lining the streets to watch nearly 4,500 runners hitting it hard on the very first one. Yes, lining the streets I was, and not pulling on some Lycra and a big number on my chest. Running has never been for me, unless of course I’m being chased, but I do love being involved in the hurrah of the event. There’s something great about all coming together, and there were again thousands of runners and even more non-runners, just like me who were happy to chip-up and cheer them on. As a nation, we are good at that, we do come together when there’s something on, and as a city, MK has that gene in spades.

Race village was in the car park at Stadium MK, where there was an opportunity to warm up with the high-energy PE-teachers on-stage to some banging tunes, (I didn’t do that either..) plus things for the kids, food trucks, donation-stations (Giving is after all one of the main aims of the event) and just people everywhere. I did catch sight of one of the runners who had chosen to run for Action 4 Youth, The Buckinghamshire youth charity which I am an ambassador for, and so that was great to see. “Go On A4Y”

I walked and watched and listened to the carnival atmosphere, was as ever amazed at the extremes of age and lunacy: there were runners dressed as teddy’s, Superman, and everything in between; just to add to the torture of 26 miles running, why not add a huge furry suit, a huge flag and a bucket… Amazing people.

I can’t see me running even the half marathon anytime soon, but I would like to say a massive “Well Done” to the runners, the organizers, the volunteers, and the crowd. And the one thing we all had in common is that we all played our part… gladly.

Looking forward to the next one..

Paul Kitchen.

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