KFC Foundation to Support Action4Youth

Action4Youth, a leading charity providing positive experiences to inspire children and young people, is excited to announce that the KFC Foundation has committed its support to the charity as their partner in the Home Counties region.

The partnership will see The KFC Foundation providing staff volunteering and raising funds from product promotions and customer donations and staff events at KFC restaurants in the area. This support will enable Action4Youth to provide even more young people with the skills, experience and confidence they need in order to realise their true potential.

Jenifer Cameron, CEO of Action4Youth explains: “We are thrilled that Action4Youth was voted the KFC Foundation charity of choice within the Home Counties region, an area that spans much of the South East of England.

“This support will make a real difference, enabling us to increase the work we do to help young people find out more about themselves and their communities and learn new skills and experiences, which help them to grow in confidence and improve their wellbeing and future prospects.”

Louise Norris, Corporate Social Responsibility Leader at KFC said: “We are so proud to support Action4Youth and the brilliant work they do in creating opportunities for young people in the area. The KFC Foundation is pleased to enable its staff to really get involved in their community, some of whom may even have associations with this charity.”

If you’re visiting a KFC in the region and thinking about giving a donation, here are just a few examples of how your money can help:

  • £10 could pay for a disabled child to experience sailing for the first time.
  • £25 could pay to train a youth worker in safeguarding to ensure they identify and assist young people who may be in danger.
  • £50 provides an activity such as abseiling for a group of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them an experience they can be proud of.
  • £100 pays for support and advice to over 100 youth organisations providing safe spaces for young people to socialise across the region, helping long term sustainability and growth.

For more information about Action4Youth visit www.action4youth.org, email [email protected] or telephone 0300 003 2334.

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