Holiday Activities & Food Programme

Action4Youth delivered two fun days of activity sessions for 90 children from High Wycombe aged 4- 11 years as part of the Holiday Activities and Food Programme from Buckinghamshire Council. The programme was set at YouthSpace, in Green Street and the activities were for children who are eligible for free school meals.

Across the sessions, we welcomed the children with a group talk, including introductions and discussions of what their favourite foods were. On the first day, Alex from Medway Dance facilitated an accessible dance session for the children, with all of them giving it a try, and many of them completing the full routine! We then completed some Easter Crafts, such as bunny-ear printing, making cards and sticking and gluing. On the second day, we included further crafts, such as making masks, colouring and making hats. We then took part in an obstacle course, with hoops, bean bags and tunnels and played games of football and big jenga!

When we came to the end of the sessions, children were handed a grab bag of food, which included a cheese wrap, some carrot, cucumber and houmous, a flapjack and some water. They also contained an activity bag for the children to complete at home.

A parent commented.

‘Can I just take a moment to say thank you, what you are doing makes a huge difference, A would not be able to attend holiday club otherwise. The staff were fun friendly, helpful and A had great fun with all the activities and his lunch was wonderful he really enjoyed it! So thank you for your efforts it is very much appreciated’.

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