Changing Lives with The Breakout Programme

Worryingly knife crime is on an undeniable rise. There is a pressing need for effective intervention, especially for vulnerable young people. As a trusted local charity, our team aims to really get to know what young people are thinking and feeling – they understand the truth behind why young people carry knives and can connect with vulnerable young people in a way that can transform their lives.

Changing Lives with The Breakout Programme - Action4Youth

Action4Youth has been working with schools to deliver hard-hitting anti-knife crime, gang and drug intervention programme which has proved very successful for 12-16 year olds. The Breakout Programme, endorsed by Thames Valley Police, uses a unique blend of 1-2-1 mentoring, creative classroom sessions and outdoor education at The Caldecotte Xperience in Milton Keynes to bring positive change to the lives of young people at risk, typically those displaying early indicators of susceptibility to crime.

Breakout works intensively with vulnerable young people to change thinking, habits, and behaviour for the better over a 12 week period. Local businesses are on board too, keen to create opportunities for students to learn skills such as self-confidence, leadership and positive decision making helping them breakaway from negative situations or habits. 

Changing Lives

Chief Executive, Jenifer Cameron says, “At a critical time in their development, we can change these young lives for the better. We are really grateful  for the support from local businesses to help make our communities safer.”

What Young People Had To Say…

Names have been changed to protect identities as some young people are extremely vulnerable.

Macy (15) whose brother was in a gang says Breakout has helped her towards a positive future. “I used to think that it was all cool to hang out with people who were doing drugs and getting themselves into gangs, but now I realise that it does mess with your head and affects your family and getting a good job.”

What Schools Had To Say…

Michelle Rance from Shenley Brook End said “This programme helped some of our vulnerable and at risk of suspension or possible exploitation as students gain more confidence in their own abilities. The group also learnt how to work together as a team and encouraged each other to overcome their fears.”

Business Getting Involved to Help Young People

“At Paradigm Housing, our commitment to the well-being of young people and families in our community is unwavering. Through our support of Action4Youth’s Breakout Programme, we are empowering local youth to embrace a path of positivity, ensuring they have the opportunities and guidance needed for a brighter future.”

Luke Ross, Partnership Coordinator, Paradigm Housing Group.

As one of the most prevalent crimes across the country, knife crime has seen consistently high figures over the last few years. Over 2022, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) recorded a total of 49,072 crimes that involved a knife or sharp instrument. That’s 10% more than last year and a staggering 46% rise from 2012.

Action4Youth - Changing Lives with The Breakout Programme

Action4Youth has provided transformational programmes for young people for over 70 years. As a key partner in Milton Keynes, we help transform lives for the better. Action4Youth works with 25,000 young people through a variety of programmes. Our work includes mentoring, safe inspiring places, employment skills and a 7 day a week youth club bringing positive change to the lives of vulnerable young people at risk.

If you are interested in changing lives and supporting such a positive initiative please contact [email protected]

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