Action4Youth News September 2023

It is that time of year where we feel a sense of ‘new beginnings’ and opportunities as we start a new school year. Our young people head into a new year or possibly a new school, course or key stage and are transitioning in the next phase of their lives.

Action4Youth News September 2023 - Christ The Sower Ecumenical Primary School at The Caldecotte Xperience

Our Inspiration and Breakout programmes commence within schools and educational settings and we get to support a whole new group of pupils. We thank our funders for this new school year – John Lewis Foundation, NHBC, Centre:MK and MyMiltonKeynes. Sailing and Powerboat qualifications are also up for grabs at The Caldecotte Xperience.

Plus, we celebrate a successful summer that saw students try new activities and challenges and push themselves outside of their comfort zone. See young people, pictured above, from Christ The Sower Ecumenical Primary School who enjoyed climbing and abseiling at The Caldecotte Xperience in Milton Keynes.

Celebrating Young People’s Achievements

Action4Youth News September 2023 - The Big Challenge Lunch 2024

We are extremely excited to be able to invite schools and local partners and community members to our Big Challenge Lunch in January 2024. In a race against the clock, teams of 8-10 from schools around Milton Keynes will take on wider Buckinghamshire schools across challenge stations in a competition to raise the Ultimate Challenge Trophy for their school and local council. Plus, there will be presentations and individual awards up for grabs. Is your school interested? We already have a number of schools on board and with limited places we don’t want you to miss out! Email us to register your interest.

New Opportunities Heat Up The Caldecotte Xperience

Action4Youth News September 2023 - Bucks Fire Service who conducted a training exercise in the tunnels.

In an exciting twist on the usual services we offer at The Caldecotte Xperience, we got to host Bucks Fire Service who conducted a training exercise in the tunnels. Usually, filled with young people navigating the caves with a head torch, we got to offer a practice ground for rescue training. Firefighters honed their techniques as the tunnels provided an ideal setting to enhance their skills.

A Successful Summer

Action4Youth News September 2023 - NCS

Despite what can only be termed ‘questionable summer weather‘ we had fantastic summer. NCS was a great success as we hosted over 1000 young people who got to try out new opportunities from cooking to outdoor activities and developing relationships with their fellow teammates. Adventure clubs tested limits and The Junction supported local young people in Wycombe giving them a safe place to hang out and stay active and engaged outside of school.

Things You May Have Missed….

Action4Youth News September 2023 - The Junction charity football match

Paul Dyne, The Junction Centre Manager lead a team at a charity football match, hosted by our wonderful funders, NHBC. The team, seen above, were not victorious on this occasion but it was a pleasure to take part and cheer on our squad!

Our Communications Executive, Hayley Horlock and The Junction Centre Deputy, Hannah Hodgson, who we welcome to the team this month (pictured below), shared their passion with students at the Bucks Fresher’s Fayre in Flackwell Heath; getting students set for their new beginning!

We will be exhibiting at The Virtual Schools Conference later this month in Aylesbury. We are excited to develop new connections and meet over 100 school staff from primary, secondary and special schools in the county as well as several of the council’s Senior Leadership team.

Action4Youth News September 2023 - Pupils from New Covenant Church, Purfleet

Pupils from New Covenant Church, Purfleet, one of the many schools we hosted over the summer, visited Caldecotte and had an amazing time! (pictured above).

With Thanks

Action4Youth News September 2023 - Taylor Wimpey

We say a huge thank you to Taylor Wimpey who hosted a charity event with funds donated to us as their chosen charity for the 2023 event. Jenifer Cameron, CEO and Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising Lead, Bonnie Clayton attended and enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon. We couldn’t support all the young people we do without all our amazing funders – we thank you all!

Claire Hawkes, Development Director, attended an event run by o3e, a local business who organise team building challenges for corporate companies that give back to charity. They kindly donated skateboards to us to share across The Caldecotte Xperience and The Junction that were being built by one of the companies they work with. It is always appreciated when companies reach out to us and we form important connections and relationships with them for future projects. Thank you!

Action4Youth News September 2023

The Importance of Nurturing Positive Mental Health

Action4Youth News September 2023 - Suicide Prevention Month

September is ‘Suicide Prevention Month‘ – working with those from different backgrounds and home situations we very much recognise how promoting good mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness can play a huge part in the lives of the young people we serve.

We offer drop-ins, as well as Counselling at The Junction. Such services are conducted in a safe and confidential environment for young people to share how they feel in a friendly atmosphere without feeling judged in anyway. Drop-ins are conducted as and when the young person needs it, while counselling is usually conducted on weekly basis for a number of sessions where the young person works with a professional to meet specific goals they set for themselves. The counsellor will help the young person meet their goals according to the young person’s pace and needs.

Some benefits of counselling:

> Offers a safe space and time to work through challenges
> Supports moving forward
> Provides a safe, respectful and non-judgmental environment
> Helps to regain balance and wellbeing
> Provides clarity and enables better decision making
> Supports a different perspective on problems and issues
> Helps to improve motivation, confidence and relationships
> Releases true potential

New School Year, New You – We’re Hiring!

Action4Youth News September 2023 - work with us

We have a BRAND-NEW programme in partnership with Personal Best Education and supported by NCS Open Grants and. We need a Programme Leader! Could it be you? Grow Your Ambition incorporates some of the key aspects of the NCS programme, but is run alongside schools and colleges, offering an alternative to the usual day of school.

Action4Youth News September 2023

NCS Autumn Vacancies – Are you 18 years and over? Would you like to gain experience working with young people? Would you like to help facilitate sessions on an NCS away-from-home experience? We have numerous positions available for our Autumn NCS programme.

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