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The future of society is in the hands of our young people; the next generation of creators, innovators, athletes and business leaders. Celebrating the success achieved by the young is an important step to encouraging their development and future prosperity.

Action4Youth makes a difference to the lives of young people, creating opportunities that enable them to achieve their potential and contribute to their personal growth. Megan Bailey, who completed her National Citizen Service (NCS) and Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award with Action4Youth is just one of thousands of young people it is thoroughly proud to have been involved with and helped make difference to their community.

KFC “Amazing Energy award” for Megan

When Megan came to Action4Youth she was a quiet and shy young lady, but her self-confidence grew throughout each section the course, to the extent that she recently applied for and took part in a KFC Hackathon. This is something she would not have had the confidence to do before taking part in the NCS or DofE programmes. 

Invited as a guest participant and working alongside KFC staff, and other young people from across the UK, Megan thoroughly impressed the judges during a 24 hour app development challenge, which saw her experience the entire lifecycle of a start-up business, from initial idea to execution and final pitch. As a result of the contribution she made she picked up the award for ‘Amazing Energy’.

The feedback from senior staff at the fast food giant was overwhelmingly positive, describing themselves as “blown away” with Megan. Louise Norris from The KFC Foundation commented:

“I was so impressed with how comfortable Megan was at the event, she made friends very quickly and helped her colleagues in the team feel confident about their ideas. She pitched the final idea to a whole room at KFC, full of the best talent in the country alongside our management team. She was articulate, confident and pitched a credible idea that fit the wider strategy of the brief. I was seriously impressed with her down to earth nature, her confidence, her hard work, and her warmth… I’m confident she will have a really successful career.” 

Action4Youth has many success stories like Megan’s, with its young people selected for everything from once in a lifetime opportunities (Action4Youth’s Shafiea Khan attended last year’s Royal Wedding) to improved future career prospects.

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