Action4Youth February Newsletter 2022

A Message from Jenifer Cameron

Because Action4Youth works across all of Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and some of the surrounding counties, we see a real cross section of our communities and can see the benefits of our youth work in action, meeting the different needs of thousands of children and young people.
Our Breakout programme launches in Milton Keynes’s schools this month thanks to the support of Milton Keynes Community Foundation. This programme is intended to help those young people at greatest risk of falling out of the education system and then into anti social behaviour and criminal activity, to find a more positive route forward in their lives and a happy, productive future.
Some people will say this is youth work where it is most needed and it certainly may be where youth work is most urgently needed when lives are at a critical turning point and the right intervention can have a life changing impact but effective youth work brings positive influence and changes day in and day out. At our Caldecotte Xperience children and young people are every day discovering more about their own abilities which build their confidence and optimism and, perhaps in a small way, are changing their lives for the better. They are certainly better prepared for their future.
Action4Youth’s NCS team (National Citizen Service) is busy recruiting young people for the summer programme which over an intensive 2 week period, builds relationships, friendships, skills, knowledge and confidence. Many participants talk about how their lives were changed doing Action4Youth’s NCS. The programme is open to all 15-17 year olds in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and Slough and it is possible to find out more and sign up at . This is a very different programme from Breakout but the outcomes are similar. Our youth work is helping young people discover what they can do rather than what they can’t. It is building self belief, aspiration and the positivity which are the foundations needed for adult life.

A4Y In Conversation With Series 2022

Please join us for ourIn Conversation With series covering a variety of issues and topics facing us today. 

We are proud to kick off the series with Sir Francis J S Habgood QPM DL and His Honour Judge Francis Sheridan DL, discussing youth crime and punishment in Buckinghamshire.

16th February 2022 – 4pm -Sir Francis J S Habgood QPM DL and His Honour Judge Francis Sheridan DL

2nd March 2022 – 4pm -Julius Weinburg Co-Chair of Buckinghamshire Culture 

16th  March 2022 – 4pm -Simon James, Service Director of Education, Buckinghamshire Council

30th  March 2022 – 4pm – NSPCC Dealing with sexual harrassment in Schools 

Available on the 16th February 2022 – Sir Anthony Seldon – talking about happiness  

To join the session go to the weblink and click on the video at 4pm on Wednesday 16th Feb.


This January, we hosted a Changemakers event at Hemel Hempstead ice skating rink, Planet Ice! Over 35 young people attended from Slough, High Wycombe, Milton Keynes and Aylesbury. This event gave the young people an opportunity to meet up with their peers from other areas and have fun, as well as consider the future events we have this year such as visiting Discover Bucks Museum, volunteering with Chiltern Rangers and being involved in our Seasonal Staff Interviews on our young person panel. This gives an invaluable insight into the interview process, which can help for when our Changemakers wish to become leaders themselves. If you are over 18 and wish to work for us this year please email [email protected].
If you are interested in Changemakers, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and gain a whole load of skills that’ll boost your personal development (and your CV!) like creativity, leadership, listening, teamwork, planning, problem solving and volunteering. You’ll find like-minded people who care about the things you care about, work together and partner with organisations around you and see your passions turn into action which could have a real impact in your local area. Email [email protected] if you want to be involved!

The Inspiration Programme

It has been good to feel like we are getting back to normality, being able to see every face and expression again has been uplifting. I can see those smiles and moments of inspiration in the amazing faces of all our groups.
Sadly COVID is still impacting our trips and visits with some postponed due to staff at schools with COVID or in isolation.
We have attended all of our schools this month, with several visits to Windmill Hill and Waddesden Manor for our Arts and Culture Pillar. One group had two people who had never seen the manor before and they all enjoyed the visit and the knowledge gained. We are grateful to the Education team at Waddesden who support our visits.
The groups have also taken part in African drumming sessions, learning about where the drums originated as well as how to play them as a group. An artist delivered the session at the start of the pillar where young people were very innovative with their A-Z of arts and discussed art and culture in their local environment.
Other schools have been to the farm for our farm to fork session part of the Health and Wellbeing pillar. They discussed soil and nutrients, crops and animal management as well as taking part in some cooking of healthy snacks.
The Community and Environment Pillar is also running with two groups recently having an excellent virtual session from Greatmoor Energy waste plant. The staff and the young people were pleased to learn that their non recycled waste as well as food waste was producing electricity in Buckinghamshire, rather than going to landfill.
Our last group took part in a work skills session developing teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. This group really enjoyed the session and felt they had all learnt many things… the biggest learning being that nothing is impossible!

NEW Team members at A4Y 

It is with great pleasure to introduce our new team members at A4Y. Please join us in welcoming them to the team! 

Fiona Parker – Administrator 
Colleen Perry – Administrator 
Charlotte Smith – Apprentice Instructor Caldecotte Xperience
Bruce Cheesman – Instructor Caldecotte Xperience


Tesco Community Grants Scheme 
There is still time to vote for Action4Youth in Tesco stores around Aylesbury and Milton Keynes. 

If you are visiting any of these stores before the 31st March, please remember to vote for Action4Youth!

Milton Keynes Marathon
We are delighted to have 7 fabulous runners from Alexander & Co taking part in the Milton Keynes Half Marathon in aid of Action4Youth. 
Thank you for supporting us, Annabel, Jack, Jamie, Kaiden, Kim, Lydia and Vicki. We hope your training is going well and we look forward to cheering for you in May.

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