Canoeing expedition - additional needs programme for young people - case study

Action4Youth has become one of the leading Approved licence holders within the UK, for young people of all abilities including additional needs. It’s our aim to allow all participants to access the expedition section for Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Our highly trained staff can deal with complex physical and severe learning disabilities. Through our expeditions, we pride ourselves on giving the individual the support, time and extra care needed to complete the expedition section. We understand the importance of success with the everyday tasks but understand that an individual with additional needs can often achieve more than they and others think possible.

Action4Youth offers the following expeditions: Walking, Canoeing and Paddle Boarding. All expeditions are tailored to the individual through a range of specialised equipment allowing access to the award. Our close relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh team allows us to modify and run expeditions with the correct exemptions which encourage all to succeed at their ability.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Pebble Brook School

This year we were offered an opportunity from the Caldecotte centre to run a Bronze Canoeing expedition. We took this up and could not have been more impressed in the way in which it was organised and run. It was a weight off the shoulders of the school’s D of E manager to source and run an expedition especially using canoes. The centre provided all the training for our young people, they then also provided excellent accommodation and the final assessed expedition.

Our students learnt a great deal from both the training and the final expedition and completed both with big smiles and as a team. They learnt how to work together by setting up the canoes, navigating the canal and finally cooking and eating a meal with each other. If we are offered this opportunity again we will most definitely be taking it.

action4youth and the duke of edinburgh's award

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Interview with students from Pebble Brook School

The Inspiration Programme provides young people with new career choices

Those were some of the best role plays we’ve seen in a long time’

All the visits were worthwhile and this is what the students particularly enjoyed. Not many of our students experience these extra-curricular activities and they really do benefit from them. The Inspirations programme is a valuable activity that increases knowledge of the outside world and helps to improve self-awareness and confidence

Aylesbury Crown Court Visitor

Pebble Brook School Gallery

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