Bouldering Activities for Young People | Learn to Boulder at Caldecotte Xperience

A challenging activity which can take place indoors and outdoors and is excellent for learning climbing technique and strength training and are a fun way to teach problem solving skills as well as teamwork.

Bouldering for young people of all abilities

Bouldering is like rock climbing but without the need of ropes, harnesses and other rock climbing equipment. It’s not about going too high because our boulders are only a few meters high, but it’s more about moving on and across the rock surfaces and learning climbing techniques. Bouldering is really about developing techniques and solving problems, particularly identifying the best path in order to complete a climb.

Bouldering facilities at Caldecotte Xperience

Our facilities include a small overhang indoor bouldering room suitable for children and adults of all abilities. Most climbers use climbing shoes to help secure footholds, as well as chalk to keep their hands dry. However, whilst climbing shoes and chalk are unessential, bouldering mats are a necessary piece of equipment to prevent injuries from falls.

We also have 2 specially constructed outdoor boulder challenges located near the Climbing Tower.

Along with our highly trained instructors, all our indoor and outdoor bouldering challenges are just a few metres high making this a safe and enjoyable activity. Suitable for individuals, friends, groups and schools, we can help develop and improve techniques, promote teamwork and problem solving, and most important of all… have fun.

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