Low Ropes for Young People | Learn the Low Ropes at Caldecotte Xperience

A great way to get a class or team working together and getting to know each other. Challenging activities that test how well can you balance and work together to get your team around the course.

Low Ropes for young people of all abilities

Our Low Ropes course is a series of challenges, ropes and obstacles, conducted just a foot or two off the ground. Designed to promote balance, mobility and confidence, the challenges are accessible to all ages and abilities, requiring participants to work as a team to accomplish a series of tasks and obstacles.

Using cables and ropes strung among poles, teams explore risk taking, leadership and communication throughout the course. Ideal for promoting team work and team building the Low Ropes are a great challenge to encourage individuals to work together better within a group.

Our Low Ropes course adventure also highlights problem-solving, coaching and collaboration.

Benefits of Low Ropes at Caldecotte Xperience

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