Action4Youth News – January 2024

Kicking Off 2024 with a bang (well, more like a klaxon!) We’ve started the year on a high note with fantastic energy and enthusiasm at our Big Challenge Lunch. We hosted four Buckinghamshire schools and four Milton Keynes schools who battled against each other to complete a series of challenges, at The Ridgeway Centre in […]

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Action4Youth News November 2023

Action4Youth is here for all young people, making a real difference to their futures. With a variety of programmes, we’re here as a vital safety net, a springboard toward realising dreams as well as a voice from and for the young. As we head speedily towards the end of 2023, we celebrate another month of jam-packed activity and the strides

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Action4Youth News October 2023

It’s All About The Experience In the ever-evolving landscape of education and professional development, the value of experiential learning has taken centre stage. Experiential education, often defined as ‘learning by doing‘, provides people with a powerful and immersive way to gain knowledge, skills and insights. This month we celebrate the experience and share what our young people, team

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mental health and wellbeing for young people

The Lifeline of Mental Health: The Benefits of Counselling for Young People

In today’s fast-paced world, the pressures and challenges that young people face are greater than ever before. The transition from childhood to adolescence and then into adulthood can be a turbulent journey, often accompanied by emotional turmoil, stress, and uncertainty. Counselling plays a vital role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people.

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