Help young people like Sally overcome issues at home to realise their dreams

Help young people like Sally

For young people living with a parent with an alcohol addiction, making decisions about careers and realising their own dreams are the last thing on their minds.

Sally is 17 and dreams of a career in beauty. She currently lives above a bar with both her parents and grandfather, and has grown up in a pub or bar environment all her life watching her parents keep the family business running smoothly.

For as long and she can remember her mum has enjoyed her drink, but for the last three years it has developed into an addiction which has destroyed family life. Sally is no longer able to confide or talk with her mum, particularly about personal difficulties or her own future dreams. Her dad expects her to cover for her mum at every opportunity, and when she leaves school is expected to help out full-time behind the bar.

Sally now feels trapped and believes her future career and life has always been inevitable.

Many young people like Sally don’t know what to do with their lives, or identify with the skills needed to help realise their true potential. Problems at home, or small every day distractions are often obstacles to improving themselves or going for their dreams.

But is doesn’t have to be like this.

Action4Youth’s Inspiration Programme can show young people like Sally, at first hand, a whole range of opportunities available to them, and identify careers they could pursue. The one year course can help them follow their own path and aim for a suitable career, or the one they’ve always dreamed of.

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Your support can help us provide support, career advice and career opportunities for young people like Sally.

Action4Youth is here for every child and young person, regardless of background or ability. We work to ensure that all have the chance to enter adulthood as positive, confident members of the community. No–one should be abandoned, neglected, deprived of hope, opportunity or aspiration.

For young people like Sally, we can provide support and intervention to help them discover their true potential, and aim for the career of their dreams.

Support when it is needed most

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It doesn't have to be this way - please help young people like Sally

Every young person deserves support and career advice, particularly when they face distractions and obstacles at home. For young people like Sally who feel trapped, this extra help can make a huge difference for their confidence and future careers. Please help the young people in our community by donating or fundraising for Action4Youth. 

Jenifer Cameron, CEO, Action4Youth

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