Help someone like Paige escape their parents' addictions

Help young people like Paige

For young people living in fear and uncertainty due to their parents’ addictions, life is simply about survival with little prospect for improvement.

Paige is 14 years old and lives with her younger brother at home with both her parents. When she was younger the family home was a wonderful place to grow up. It was full of love, support and laughter, and in many ways was the ideal environment for Paige to flourish.

It is hard to pin-point the exact moment when this all changed, and it’s possible that a downturn in Paige’s fortunes is due to a series of unexpected and difficult situations for the family. Dad was made redundant from his long-term job, and despite a few part-time roles, he found it difficult to maintain regular employment. With a reduced income, and uncertainty about the next pay day, he started experimenting with drugs, became abusive and regularly aggressive to the rest of the family. Paige’s mum, had a part-time job, but with the growing difficulties at home, she turned to alcohol and gambling on online game websites.

Both of Paige’s parents now struggle with addictions, leaving Paige and her younger brother to live with uncertainty; never knowing what mood their dad will be in; or whether there will be any food in the house; or if mum will be sober. Paige can’t think about a future when each day takes all her energy just to get by. She is trapped in the present, a victim of both her parent’s addictions, and life is getting more and more difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Action4Youth can support young people like Paige and her younger brother, not just to survive the present but to find hope, purpose and direction for a good life.

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Your support can help us provide support and intervention for young people like Paige

Action4Youth is here for every child and young person, regardless of background or ability. We work to ensure that all have the chance to enter adulthood as positive, confident members of the community. No–one should be abandoned, neglected, deprived of hope, opportunity or aspiration.

For young people like Paige, we can provide support and intervention to help them find hope, purpose and direction.

Support when it is needed most

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It doesn't have to be this way - please help young people like Paige

Every young person deserves support and intervention when they face uncertainty in their lives. For young people like Paige who are in a critical situation, this extra help can make the difference for their wellbeing, mental health and their futures. Please help the young people in our community by donating or fundraising for Action4Youth. 

Jenifer Cameron, CEO, Action4Youth

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