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Sophie’s Story – The Transformative Impact of The Inspiration Programme 

The Inspiration Programme works with schools in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes to broaden the horizons, thinking, and experience of young people. It enhances existing provisions ...
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ncs programme gives confidence to speak Young People

NCS Programme gives Shafiea confidence to speak

Action4Youth NCS has given young people like Shafiea the confidence to speak to everyone. This is Shafiea’s story… “Before NCS I went to school, and ...
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action4youth inspiration programme TIP

The Inspiration Programme develops confidence, communication and teamwork

The programme supports young people to have greater belief in their own abilities by becoming more skilled problem-solvers, better team-workers and stronger communicators. This is ...
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inspiration programme gives skills for a career in public services TIP

The Inspiration Programme helps Jasmine take new skills into a career in Public Services

The Inspiration Programme broadens the horizons, thinking and experience of young people. This is Jasmine’s Inspiration Programme story: “The pillar to do with police and ...
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ncs group helps raise money for charity Young People

Make new friends and gain independence skills

The National Citizen Service (NCS) helps Sharley raise money for charity, make new friends and gain independence skills. This is Sharley’s NCS story “We are ...
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inspiration programme offers career choices Staff

Helping young people look at different career choices and university degree options

Tracy and Ray offer their first hand experience of The Inspiration Programme and how it can realign thinking, open up opportunities for new career choices, ...
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