Help young people like Lucas rock climb, abseil and ride speedboats in his wheelchair

Help young people like Lucas

For young people like 7 year old Lucas with complex needs, life in general is very frustrating. Just because of speech and physical difficulties he can’t enjoy new experiences like other children.

Lucas is a young wheelchair user with complex needs. Communicating with others is frustrating for him because his speech is not always easily understood. Although he doesn’t like to overly display his emotions, his parents and teachers can see he gets very upset with his inability to communicate effectively.

Manouvering his wheelchair is not a problem for Lucas. In fact he has become quite the expert negotiating difficult obstacles, and whenever possible loves to show off 360° spins to his friends. But being in a wheelchair limits his development, and life in general is still very frustrating.

He responds very well to change and loves new and stimulating experiences. His school has limited resources, and creating new experiences are often hard to achieve for children and young people with disabilities.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Action4Youth’s Caldecotte Xperience, Lucas is able to enjoy the challenge and excitement available to all young people. He can abseil in his wheelchair which he loves, and the highlight for him is driving the Wheelyboat, our special, adapted boat which allows wheelchair users to wheel themselves aboard and even to drive the boat which can go at speed. For Lucas that exhilaration and freedom is life changing.

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Your support can help us provide stimulating new experiences for young people like Lucas

Action4Youth is here for every child and young person, regardless of background or ability. We work to ensure that all have the chance to enter adulthood as positive, confident members of the community. No–one should be abandoned, neglected, deprived of hope, opportunity or aspiration.

For young people like Lucas, we can provide support and stimulus to help them experience new challenges.

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It doesn't have to be this way - please help young people like Lucas

Every young person deserves to experience new and stimulating challenges despite physical disabilities and complex needs. For young people like Lucas, this exhilaration and freedom is life changing.

Jenifer Cameron, CEO, Action4Youth

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