Help someone like Lauren living with fear and anxiety due to lockdown and isolation

Help young people like Lauren

For high-achieving young people with promising futures, lockdown and isolation has turned their world on its head. Struggling with the uncertainties of exams, many are feeling withdrawn, fearful and suffering anxiety.

Lauren is 15 years old and before the Covid-19 pandemic enjoyed a great life with her family and friends. At school she excelled, and her teachers were impressed with her dedication and application. For a high achiever across many subjects she was destined for a very promising future.

Then it all changed. Lockdown and isolation very quickly started to take its toll on her schooling, as well as her mental health. Initially she missed the interaction with her friends, sharing ideas and helping each other on a daily basis due to the strange social-distancing rules. When the school closed and she was forced to continue her school work from home she struggled to focus, and started to fall behind, often missing deadlines set by teachers.

The growing uncertainty about her up-coming exams quickly left her withdrawn, fearful and suffering from anxiety. Her teachers were naturally concerned, and her parents witnessed a rapid and worrying decline in her wellbeing and mental health.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Action4Youth will work with Lauren to rebuild her confidence, explore her future options, rebuild a friendship circle and help her rediscover her purpose and optimism for the future.

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Your support can help us provide support and rebuild the confidence for young people like Lauren

Action4Youth is here for every child and young person, regardless of background or ability. We work to ensure that all have the chance to enter adulthood as positive, confident members of the community. No–one should be abandoned, neglected, deprived of hope, opportunity or aspiration.

For young people like Lauren struggling with anxiety, we can help rebuild her confidence, purpose and optimism for the future.

Support when it is needed most

2 ways you can help

It doesn't have to be this way - please help young people like Lauren

Every young person feeling withdrawn and struggling with acute anxiety, deserve 1:1 mentoring support to help them rediscover their purpose. For young people like Lauren suffering with uncertainty and a rapid decline in her mental health, this extra help can be a huge confidence booster and  steer them back towards a brighter future. Please help the young people in our community by donating or fundraising for Action4Youth. 

Jenifer Cameron, CEO, Action4Youth

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