Spate of Burglaries and Vandalism at charity’s outdoor education facility

Young people’s charity, Action4Youth has been shocked and saddened by a recent number of criminal acts targeting its outdoor education centre, the Caldecotte Xperience in Milton Keynes.

The charity, which provides positive, often transformational experiences and activities to inspire children and young people, and whose outdoor learning facility has exceptional facilities for those with additional needs, has recently had a trailer and a 4×4 buggy stolen, as well as vandalism to its buildings.

Jenifer Cameron, Chief Executive of Action4Youth says: “It is appalling that criminals would target a small, specialist learning and adventure centre which offers so much opportunity to local young people, as well as those from further afield.

“We pride ourselves on working with young people to develop and hone key life skills, including confidence, communication and resilience, attributes that are vital in dealing with unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances such as this.

“If you know anything about the recent activity at the Caldecotte Xperience and would like to report information to us in confidence, please call 0300 003 2334 or email [email protected].”

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