Despite the challenges 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have presented, the NCS team have still been able to successfully deliver adapted programmes throughout the year. These programmes may not have been traditional NCS programmes but have allowed us to keep supporting young people and help support local charities.

In the summer, the NCS team delivered a face-to-face socially distanced ‘Keep Doing Good’ programme for 110 young people. The programme was offered over four waves in either High Wycombe or Aylesbury, with each programme lasting 8 days,free of charge for any young person aged 16-18 years.

Throughout Autumn the NCS team then delivered the Moving Forward programme working in partnership with Pebble Brook, Stony Dean, Alfriston, Bucks UTC and Chalfonts Community college to deliver term time programmes. Two open programmes were also delivered during half term in both Aylesbury and High Wycombe which was delivered for Five days and incorporated teambuilding and a mini social action project. For the first time we delivered a Virtual NCS programme with students from Bucks UTC which was a first for the team. Our last programme for 2020 is on Thursday 17th December which is a virtual programme that is being done with students from Chalfonts community college.

The first NCS Local Action Group was delivered in September and the young people now meet virtually once a month. The group is made up of NCS graduates and over the three months it has been running the young people have focused on a different issue each month. In October they focused on the environment and did a litter pick, in October they focused on homelessness and created winter warmer boxes and food parcels to deliver to the local food banks and for December they are making Christmas cards and letters for residents at local care homes. If you are an NCS Graduate and would like to get involved in future meetings, then please email [email protected]

The NCS team would like to say a big Thank you to all the charity’s, session providers, parent/guardians and young people who worked with us to make the NCS programmes of 2020 safe, enjoyable and successful.

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