Case Studies From The A4Y Mentoring Programme


George Baldock, now an 18-year-old student at Trinity College, Cambridge, is on a mission to change the narrative surrounding PRUs. He’s studying history and politics, having achieved three A*s at A-level. His success stems from his personal experience at a PRU.
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Harry was referred for mentoring by his school due to low mood and a lack of motivation at school. Parents had recently separated so Harry, his mum and younger sister have moved out of the family home into new rented accommodation until something more permanent comes up.
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Carl, 14

Carl is a 14yr old young person who was referred to the mentoring programme by his pastoral support because his poor behaviour had resulted in a few exclusions from school.
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Finley, 15

Finley, a year 11 boy, was referred for mentoring by his mother due to concerns around him not attending full time education and becoming withdrawn and isolated.
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Janai, 13

Janai, is a year 8 student, referred for mentoring by his head of year because of deteriorating behaviour that had resulted in exclusions and isolations at school.
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Maddie, 15

Maddie is a year 10 student who was referred for mentoring by the deputy designated safeguarding lead at school. There were concerns around Maddie’s emotional regulation because of an unhealthy relationship she was having with a boy at her school.
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Serena, 15

Serena was referred for mentoring by her mother due to concerns around mental health issues and risky behaviours such as missing episodes and self-harm. Serena is in year 10 and has a diagnosis of ADHD and ASD.
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