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Case Studies from The Breakout Programme

Chloe, 15

Chloe, a 15-year-old involved in several incidents of physical altercations with peers. She showed signs of aggression and expressed a lack of interest in her education and participating in school activities and classes. Chloe’s school identified her as a young person at risk and enrolled her in the Breakout Programme to address her behavioural challenges.
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Tom, 13

Tom is a year 8 boy who was struggling with challenging behaviour at school. The school had immediately put him forward as one of the first pupils to be part of the first Breakout cohort.
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Simon, 14

Simon is a 14-year-old boy struggling with challenging behaviour at school. With a pattern emerging, teachers were concerned that the once quiet, attentive, and polite boy was starting to get involved with disruptive influences and talking about new friends known to the police.
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John, 15

John is a 15-year-old boy who had been displaying disruptive behaviour in school with a history of poor school attendance. As a result, he was falling behind in school and involved in minor conflicts with other students and started to be connected to others that had previously brought in banned substances.
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Sarah, 16

Sarah, a 16-year-old student, was experiencing difficulties at home and had become increasingly isolated. Her school highlighted that she had stopped participating in lessons and had become more withdrawn.
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Michael, 14

Michael is a 14-year-old with a history of truancy and disengagement from school. He regularly misses school and when he does attend is not interested and often disruptive. He comes from a disadvantaged background and has had some negative encounters with the police at a young age.
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Emma, 17

Emma, a 17-year-old young person, had been struggling with emotional difficulties, poor mental health and has been experiencing conflict at home with her family.  Emma has shown signs of low self-esteem and started associating with a group of peers involved in knife crime.  Emma’s school identified her as a vulnerable young person who could benefit from the Breakout Programme and the support it offers.
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Alex, 16

Alex, a 16-year-old young person, has been frequently absent from school and has been involved in incidents of anti-social behaviour in his local area. Alex displayed signs of vulnerability to gang recruitment and had been exposed to drug use within his community and at home. Alex’s school identified him as a high-risk individual who would benefit from the Breakout Programme.
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