Silver Expedition

Action4Youth Silver Expedition Programme Dates 2019

Our 2019 silver programme is a comprehensive package that includes all training, the 2 expeditions required and, unlike other expedition providers, all transport to and from the expedition locations. There are no other hidden costs.

For direct entrants the programme also includes a 2 day training weekend and a certificated first aid course which are required prior to the expeditions. 

The training weekend and first aid course are not required for those who already have already been awarded their bronze certificate and have given us sight of it. They will however, have to attend route planning.

Our Silver expedition package includes:

  • 2-day training weekend including a half day, certificated, First Aid training course (direct entrants only)
  • 2 Expeditions (I practice and 1 qualifier)

Transport between Aylesbury and the event location

  • Experienced, qualified and friendly leaders who will do all they can to support your successful completion
  • Camp fees for expedition nights
  • Kit advice
  • Maps, Compasses and Stoves (excluding Gas)

Silver Package cost: £250

Sunday 9th June
Saturday 22nd June
Sunday 23rd June
Saturday 20th July
Thursday 25th - Saturday 27th July
Tuesday 27th August
Friday 30th - Sunday 1st September
Classroom based training
Navigation Walk
First Aid & expedition route planning
Kit Check
Silver Expedition 1
Kit Check
Silver Expedition 2

Application Form

Please complete the application form below. On completion you will be taken to our secure payment page.



Parents or Guardians:

Relationship to participant:

Medical/Disability/Special Educational/Behavioural Needs Information


If YES, it is important that you fully explain the condition, its management and - as appropriate - medical treatment including medication. (Please provide additional information if necessary)

Can Pain/Flu Relief Medication be given?


Please outline any pain relief remedies your son/daughter may be given if necessary

Medical information and allergies


Please write NONE, or specify

Special dietary requirements


Please outline any special dietary requirements for your son/daughter

Date of last tetanus injection


Statement of Risk

Action4Youth (A4Y) places safety as a top priority. Adventurous Activities involve some risk for the people taking part: we aim to keep these risks as low as possible. The chances of a serious injury are extremely low, but minor injuries (bruises, bumps and - less likely – minor fractures) are a possible result of taking part in Adventurous Activities. A4Y’s staff will minimise actual dangers by:

• Carrying out a careful assessment of all risks before commencing the activity
• Only using experienced instructors with the appropriate qualifications for the activity
• Giving clear safety instructions to everyone participating
• Ensuring equipment and clothing is well-maintained and suitable for the activity and the environment
• Ensuring activities are within the capabilities of the participants
• Asking participants to supply information on any medical conditions
• Ensuring good hygiene standards are kept

We expect participants to co-operate with A4Y staff, to ensure safety of all participants by following instructions and answering questions honestly about any medical conditions or other information relating to health and safety.


When you pay to register with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award you automatically receive some personal injury and travel insurance but we advise you to take a look at the cover and decide if you wish to take out a further policy yourselves. See what the DofE provide at

Transport consent

I agree to my son/daughter/ward to travel in Action4Youth’s staff members personal cars if required during the DofE Expedition.

Photo consent declaration

I agree to images being taken of my son/daughter whilst on this trip which may be used in local publications, on social media, Action4Youth noticeboards or website to promote the work of Action4Youth
(These images will not be used in any way that may be viewed as negative in tone, or that may cause offence, embarrassment or distress to the child or their parent/guardian.)


I agree to my son/daughter taking part in the activities outlined above. I understand that my son/daughter will take part at his/her own risk, and accept that no responsibility for accidents or injuries, or loss or damage to personal property rests with the supervisory staff, unless proven to be caused by their negligence. I declare that to the best of my knowledge my son/daughter is competent and medically fit to participate as part of the group. I agree that medical treatment may be sought and given if necessary in case of emergency.
In the event of a medical emergency, a copy of this form may be required by medical personnel.

I understand the information from this activity may be stored digitally. I agree that a similar activity may be substituted due to safety factors or weather conditions.

I agree that in the event of my son/daughter being removed from the event due to his/her unacceptable behaviour that I will bear the costs of collecting him/her and returning him/her to home.

I have read and understand the statement of risk assessment associated with walking and camping unaccompanied in wild country areas but with remote supervision by trained staff.

Participants/parents are responsible for the condition and suitability of their own equipment. If any kit fails or proves to be inadequate during an expedition you will be responsible for any cost incurred should it need to be rectified.

Application is not valid without acceptance.

Data Protection

The information you supply will be used by Action4Youth for administrative purposes within the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. We shall not supply it to third parties.

All dates of your chosen expeditions are fixed in to packages and must be attended. If you cannot attend a specific date, then please choose one of the other expedition packages.

Cancellation Policy

6 weeks prior to expedition start date - 100% refund less an administration fee of £20.00
3 weeks prior to expedition start date - 50% refund less an administration fee of £20.00
Less than 3 weeks prior to expedition start date - 0% refund

No refund will be given if you cancel your place on an expedition, if within 3 weeks of the expedition start date. This is down to the cost effects it would have on other group members if the group is not full.

Contact us for more information

Email us on [email protected] or call our Duke of Edinburgh team on 0300 003 2334


Prices are based on a minimum of ten. We reserve the right to cancel if there are insufficient numbers. 

Spaces on training and expeditions will be limited so you should be aware that Action4Youth operates on a first to pay, first to be accepted basis and we don’t guarantee to be able to allocate an expedition to a participant where payment has not been received with the application.

Training is dependent on willingness and participation. Action4Youth does not guarantee to be able to train every participant in the time stated. There may be a charge for any extra training needed.

In the event of you having to cancel your involvement, we will refund 50% of the cost of the event provided 6 weeks notice is given.

Route Planning and Kit Checks will be held in Aylesbury (venues to be confirmed) and start at 18.00 (evenings) or 09.00 (daytime).

Pay online

On completion of the above application form, please pay for your Silver Expedition here.