DBS Checks and Procedure

DBS checks can be carried out for those who are considered to be in regulated activity. To help you decide which level of check is required and at what level (enhanced or enhanced with a barred list check) please click on flowchart to help you in your decision making.
If your organisation requires DBS checks to be setup we will need the following information for each person who requires a check:

  • Full first name (no nicknames or abbreviations etc.)
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Level of check required i.e. enhanced or enhanced with a barred list check (please see the flowchart link above to help you decide)
  • Confirmation as to whether they are employed or a volunteer

An application will be setup on line by us and the applicant will be sent an automated email with login details.  Once they have completed their details and submitted the form a member of the Action4Youth team will need to verify the application.  Please follow this link for details of documents that the applicant can use for verification
Important note: DBS checks must now be completed by the applicant and verified by us within 12 weeks of being setup.  After this time the check will be archived and the process will have to begin again.  It is your responsibility to provide the relevant information and documentation and to arrange a date and time with the Action4Youth Office or Membership Team to complete the verification process. 

Please note any applications not completed within this time frame will be archived and count as one of your free checks.

For further information regarding the DBS process and information on the DBS Update Serviceclick here.


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